Websites in HTML

We offer both website creation and web hosting. We will both create and host your site; or we can create your site that can be uploaded to the web hosting service of your choosing (NameZero, Dotster, etc.). I strongly suggest not using Godaddy based on their extreme site commercialism, even to the point of ending technical support calls with a sales pitch.

You can buy a domain and hosting and get web designing software FOR FREE!
The top design is using the wonderful design software, the lower design is custom and cannot be achieved with the do-it-yourself template designers.


HTML, PHP, CSS, Flash, EDGE and SmartPhones

I custom design webpages to your specs. I have no design templates to punch in your data and pictures. I work with you on your vision, or design if you have artwork, or copy an existing webpages style if you have an example. Sample websites are given in the last section of this document.

HTML and PHP are the basic frame and hold the content of the website. CSS is the designer that keeps the website looking pretty. CSS dictates things like font styles, colors, shapes of text boxes, margins and positioning. Since CSS is a separate “document” a simple change in the CSS file, changes the whole website regardless of the number of pages on the website, and makes sure all pages conform to the basic design.

I test my sites in the latest desktop/laptop browser versions of IE (MS Internet Explorer), [Google] Chrome, FX (Mozilla FireFox), [Apple] Safari, and Opera. While smartphones use browsers of the same name, the operating system on the phone is different, and hence the version of the browser is different.

Also note the favicons in the URL on the web browser on the active sites. I also do SEO on my sites. Try searching my name, site names, location, type of businesses to see the results for yourself. I also design in WordPress and have separate documentation for that upon request.

HTML4 and CSS2 v. HTML5 and CSS3 is the association responsible for standardization of website programming. HTML4 and CSS2 have been the standard for websites. All the major browsers fully support HTML4 and CSS2. By their names it is obvious there were previous version of HTML and CSS.

Web designers and programmers have wish lists and HTML5 and CSS3 embody the desire to have more features and easier coding. Some web browsers have incorporated features from HTML5 and CSS3 already. . . but, not all browsers and not all features. The features are hit and miss. is still working on a “standard” and there is no “official” HTML5 in place. With the I-devices not accepting FLASH, and incorporating more HTML5 and CSS3 standard in their IOS5 operating system, they are mistakenly thought to be HTML5 devices. An example of CSS3 design can be found at The features will all work in a desktop/laptop Safari browser. IE will display the fewest of these features.


This also means videos on the pages have been formatted to be both browser compatible and device compatible.


At one time Flash was all the rage in websites. It was full on animated features and could include videos and music. It could be a website element or a complete website. However, allowing a site to take over that many resources could be a Trojan/virus hazard and then Apple introduced their line of I-devices and chose not to include Flash operating systems, and several other smartphone manufacturers also did not include Flash. The Flash operating system constantly needs updating to keep current with newer editions of browsers and operating systems. So, flash websites and animation elements have greatly fallen out of favor. Google now looks at websites for mobile compatibility and gives very low priority to sites that are not mobile friendly with the use of FLASH being the biggest “offender.”

Adobe EDGE

There is a new animation program in many ways comparable to FLASH called EDGE. I do EDGE design/programming. Examples of EDGE programming can be found at Edge currently does not display video (flv., mov., wmv., mpg., etc.) especially as the new HTML5 standards has simpler video support.

More Sample HTML sites