Search Engine

Webpages are constructed with the Google search engine in mind. Other search engines follow pretty much the same criteria.

Can I get you to the top of the search criteria in all case. NO. No one can other than Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. However when people search unique criteria, you start coming to the top. Example: Window World, the $189 window company with a branch in Saint Louis Missouri.

Search “Windows” they will probably be lost in the pack and confused with the Microsoft product.

Search “$189 windows” and you get them and competitors with the google criteria determining which floats closer to the top.

Search “$189 windows Saint Louis” and you will get them and their competitors in Saint Louis, Missouri and possibly Saint Louis Park, Minnesota.

Search “Window World Saint Louis Missouri” and they will come to the top.

I do know of a major business that did an HTML website. It was coded “correctly” and the design was functional and OK. Someone who knew HTML coded it. However, it was not coded for the web at all. Even with the exact name of the business, Google, Bing, and Yahoo could not find the site.

So search engine criteria coding in a website are important. Due to porn sites “loading the dictionary” as “keywords” most of the search sites ignore the keyword tags and look at other tags, permissions, and contents in determining search criteria.