What do Kleenex, Escalator, Trampoline, and Photoshop have in common? They are all so much a part of our culture that their trademarks have become synonomous with any other product with a similar function.

Photoshop has several main functions, the most elementary is in color correction and re-sizing pictures. Then come the tricks! Standing in front of the Eiffel tower, putting the cat’s head on the dog, shaking hands with the president, etc. And finally the additions of titles and captions to the photos. Then there is the creation of “paintings,” and other graphics and logos.

Here we have and old, washed out picture.
Family before

The colors are restored and the background is cleaned up.  There is nothing that can be done with the poor focus of the original.
Family Processed

Here was picture taken on a nice winter day.
Winter view


With a little work, it can be transformed to a spring picture.
Spring view








2013-12-15KlondikeAnd Moon

2013-12-15KlondikeAnd MoonWeb


Just a few other tricks. Images with a transparent background are especially useful on websites are easily created in Photoshop. Usually these are .png images, however .gif images will support this feature. png images will support a wide range of colors, while gif images are limited to the color values webpages typically support.

The animated gif image is another option to the flash movie, and are often supported by smartphones. However they work best when relatively small and are just a few frames in length.

Whatever needs and tricks you have for photoshop. We can manage.