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Finding things on this site should be relatively simple. The Selections menus will give you a good idea of the samples they contain. All entries are tagged so the Quick Search entries can be clicked for entries with those tags. Finally, there is the search bar. The search bar searches this site only, not the web.

I can be reached by e-mail either by clicking: Me[at] Obviously replace the ‘[at]’ with an ‘@’ if your e-mail program does not automatically do it. Or, you many use the form. The form may not work if you have webmail. (See explanation at bottom of the form.)

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Clicking the submit button will send the information via WordPress without revealing the e-mail address to the client. This is a valuable feature as it keeps the e-mail address invisible to programs that spammers use to automatically scour the internet looking for encoded e-mail address. It also works for “public” computers where the client does not have access to his e-mail software.

Clicking the e-mail link works when the client is at his computer and it is set to automatically open his e-mail software.

The third type of e-mail user is one who uses web mail yahoo, gmail, or similar program where the email software is accessed through their web browser. While it is possible to have the webmail browser open when the e-mail link is clicked, many users either do not know how to do this, or do not bother.